Hot Weather Clothes for School

It’s almost August, which means a new school year is about to start. It’s time to look for school clothes for your gang.

But it’s hot out. The department stores don’t care and are showing clothes more suitable for December than August, even though the temperatures in the Phoenix area go over 100° during this month. You need hot weather clothes suitable for school.

Don’t fight other parents for the leftover summer pickings. Bring your kids to our consignment shop, where they can browse for stylish hot weather clothes that won’t upset the principal. We feature popular brand names like Polo, Abercrombie, Hollster, and Izod, at prices far lower than in department stores, even their discount racks.

Hot Weather Clothes for the Early Part of the Arizona School Year

We’ve been clearing out space to get clothes to wear for school. But we aren’t quite ready to abandon hot weather clothes because kids still need them.

I have to admit, it will never feel quite right to prepare for school this early, in mid-summer. But it’s Arizona, and here in Scottsdale we start school the second week of August. This year, school begins Monday, August 8. Hot weather clothes are a must for at least another month.

Our clothes meet the dress code for the Scottsdale Unified School District. We continue to sell shorts, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, and even tank tops so your kids can stay cool until the heat breaks. We also have shoes and sneakers for kids in PE, as well as shoes with cleats for those participating in fall sports.

We do occasionally get slacks, polo shirts, and Oxford-style shirts that can be used for school uniforms. Call first to see if we have the size you need.

Once it cools off, come in to check out items like long sleeve t-shirts, jeans, long pants, sweatshirts, and light jackets.

Yes, it will cool off. We promise.

School Supplies ‘n More!

STEM for Kids
STEM for Kids

We have some school supplies as well but they will go fast. We currently have backpacks, tons of boxes of crayons, and some text books for both classrooms and home-schooled kids. Some cover a number of topics while others focus on math, reading, STEM, and other academic topics.

We also have a sizable reading section for kids of all ages. We offer several popular titles for early elementary grades, pre-teens, and young adults. From Dr. Seuss to The 38 Clues and The Hunger Games, we’ve got a pretty good (and steady) supply.

In past years, we’ve also received unused spiral notebooks, packages of pens and pencils (and loose ones as well that we package), erasers, and other supplies like posters and classroom decorations.

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