Raising AZ Kids Recommends our Resale Shop!

We were so excited to find that the popular local magazine Raising Arizona Kids put our resale shop front and center in their article about shopping for kids’ clothes (n’ more!).

Raising Arizona Kids featured our resale shop!

Even better, we are the first shop featured in the article, in the category for Best for Babies, Kids, and Tweens.

Our Resale Shop Features Items for Teens, Too

Although our resale shop does carry a lot of clothes, books, and toys for infants, toddlers, and tweens, we do have items for teenagers, including clothes, games, caps, and other fun stuff.

We maintain a healthy inventory of boys’ jeans, which some teen girls may be able to wear as well. (It all depends on her shape.) Similarly, teens of either sex can wear many of the shorts and virtually all of the t-shirts we keep on hand year-round as well.

Then there are shoes.

A lot of our customers have been with us since their kids were small. They keep bringing us their teens’ clothes and especially their shoes.

If you have teenagers, you know their feet grow quickly. A lot of our customers can only wear their shoes and sneakers for a year or less and bring them to us for resale. So if your tween or teen needs, say, dress shoes for Band or Orchestra, give us a call because we just might have a pair that fits him or her.

And of course, we have sneakers in all sizes. More than a couple of parents have picked up a pair for himself or herself.

Is Your Teen or Tween a Movie Buff?

We were a little sad to read in PC World a couple of weeks ago that the last VCR/VHS player would be made in July and then no more. Japan’s Funai Corporation was the holdout.

We used to buy dual DVD/VHS players but they always broke. Then we picked up a tiny TV with a built-in VCR at a yard sale. It plays our old Springsteen concert videos, a Saturday Night Live 20th Anniversary tape, and miscellaneous old movies like The Jerk and Spartacus.

Our back area, which houses books, textbooks, and movies, includes almost as many VHS tapes and DVDs. If your future Bill Goodykuntz or Michael Bay is asking for old classics (by their standards), come here first to see what we have. Our selection is a lot less expensive than anything they’ll find online.

We also occasionally get games for Wii, GameBoy, and other gadgetry. Call us for titles and we can put out an alert if one comes in that you want.

We check out each media item we receive to make sure it works and that nothing is missing.  We do the same for toys, books, and puzzles. If we receive an incomplete game, we hold on to the spare parts! So call us if you need the funny bone from Operation, a red piece from Sorry! or someone dealt you and incomplete deck of cards.






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