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Swimming Lessons for Kids

It’s been crazily cool lately, especially for May, but we all know the temperature is going to hit triple digits soon.

That means swimsuits and toys will be pulled out as more people take to the water! So let us ask you: have your kids had swimming lessons?

Knowing how to swim is a basic life skill everyone needs to know. And here in Arizona, there are plenty of places where your kids can get swimming lessons from trained professionals, in groups or individually. We found that group lessons were a lot of fun for our kids, but every child is different.

Read on for tips about where to take your kid for swimming lessons.

Your Local Public Pool is a Great Place for Swimming Lessons

We live in Scottsdale which has excellent and affordable swim classes for kids and adults at many of the neighborhood pools. Some of them feature lessons around the year, but they really take off in the summer when every public pool offers swim classes for different levels.

Swimming lesson fees at public pools are very reasonable. If money is tight, contact the Parks and Recreation Department in your town or city and ask them if they provide discounts to families who receive SNAP benefits or for children who receive medical benefits through Medicaid (AHCCCS in Arizona) or SCHIP. And many towns will offer swimming scholarships as well.

The best part about swimming lessons for kids is that the instructors are often high school or college kids and therefore worthy of listening to. They have all these fun games and toys to encourage kids to overcome any fear of swimming underwater. Our kids’ favorite game was What Time is It Mr. Shark?

 It’s Fun to Swim at the YMCA!

Many kids learn to swim at the local Y and as we all know, no place is more fun than the YMCA. Many Y chapters also offer reduced prices and scholarships to families who qualify.

Many Ys also have indoor swimming, so you and your kid(s) can practice swimming skills all year round. Who knows, you might be harboring the next Katie Ledecky or Michael Phelps., who we might add, is one of the swim coaches at Arizona State University. Maybe he’ll stop our store on his way home from work one evening! (He and his wife are expecting their third child this year.)

What’s the Ideal Age to Learn to Swim?

We know lots of people go in the pool with their babies and to us, that’s fine. In fact, many private swim schools have Baby and Me pool time for parents and babies. The idea here is not to teach babies to swim but to them comfortable around water.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says four years is the best time to start actual swimming lessons. Before that, most kids won’t retain what they learned or have the functionality to pull together all the movements that add up to swimming.  But even AAP says it’s ok to get them in some kind of “aquatic program” at one year. However, keep in mind that no amount of classes can replace a watchful adult when kids are around the pool.

Mayhem is ready for summer fun!

Give us a call if you’re looking for gently-used kid, toddler, or baby swimwear. We often have a variety this of year, as well as toys for the pool.




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