Fidget spinners have been pulled off Target's shelves

Target Pulls Fidget Spinners

Target has pulled two types of fidget spinners from its stores and website following complaints from consumer groups about lead and mercury content in them.

We posted an article earlier this year about why we choose to not carry fidget spinners in our store:

  1. We read the same reports about lead content in them.
  2. We read about spinners breaking apart and causing choking, even in older children.
  3. There is no scientific evidence that they help kids with ADD.

Not Exactly a Recall, But Pulling 2 Types of Fidget Spinners

Although some articles are calling this a recall, we have been unable to verify that it is a true recall. It is not listed as such on the CPSC website and Target has not asked consumers to return fidget spinners they bought from one of their stores or online for a refund.

Target says the lead and mercury content in the spinners it has pulled meet Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines. They have removed them because of consumers’ concerns.

Both spinners are branded as Fidget Wild:

  • Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass
  • Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Metal

US Public Interest Research Group, a consumer group started by Ralph Nader, says the spinners have “extremely high levels of lead.” Moreover, the packaging indicates the spinners are for children ages 14 and over, but they appeared on Target’s website for children ages 6+, and as a toy.


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