Selling Safe Items is Our Number One Concern

We at AZ Kidz n More are part of a community of shop owners in the resale and consignment business. The vast majority of this community pays strict attention to make sure that only safe items are sold to customers who are often donors/consigners as well.

We Only Sell Safe Items in Our Resale Shop

Baby tables are among the most critical safe items we offer.
This changing table was checked for safety before we polished and put it out for sale.

We do want to remind our customers that we thoroughly check all merchandise for safety before we put it on the floor for sale.

Since  our inventory is children’s items, we take very special care to ensure that all items dropped off at the store are in good working condition, clean, and above all, safe to use. We do not sell items that are damaged, that we deem are unsafe, or are missing pieces. And we do not sell items that have been taken off the market for safety reasons.

We receive regular notices, for example, from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is charged with ensuring the safety of manufactured items sold in the United States. As we’ve said before, if we wouldn’t put a product in our home, we won’t sell it to you to put in yours. We take every step that we can to ensure that the products we sell are safe.

When a children’s item is recalled, we search our inventory database and if we find it, it is immediately taken off the floor. We notify the owners so that they can return it to the manufacturer. If we see that a recalled item has been sold, we do everything we can to contact the customer to let them know about the recall. Many of our customers are in our consignment database so we are able to contact them.

If you have a question about a children’s item, please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you didn’t buy it from us. We are happy to be a resource for  you, particularly when it comes to kids’ stuff and safety. Give us a call at 480-443-3801.

Thank you!

AZ Kidz n More


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