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Product Recalls

We follow product recalls through a subscription to receive notices from the US Product Safety Commission.

When a product is recalled, we immediately check our inventory list to see if we have it in stock. If it is, we remove it from the floor and notify the person who donated it. If s/he does not want to return it to the manufacturer, we do will do so.

A safe plastic toy house.
This is the safest house you can give your kids!

We also scan recent purchases to see if a recalled product was sold and do everything we can to inform the customer.

Consignment Shops are Expected to Track Product Recalls

Consignment shops, including charity shops, are expected to know about product recalls just like stores that sell new, out-of-the-box items. Shops are also banned from selling recalled products and items that are known to be dangerous such as products intended for children that are painted with lead-based paint.

Individuals are also banned from selling such items.

We go beyond tracking product safety: we examine everything we receive for consignment. We don’t accept furniture and toys that have chips and cracks that can cause an injury. We don’t accept torn clothing (or stained, for that matter).

And while safety is our Number One concern, so is usefulness. So we put together every opened jigsaw puzzle box to make sure all the pieces are there. We make sure all the pieces are included in board games we receive. We even keep incomplete sets to complete others that come in because so many people lose the funnybone from Operation!

If we wouldn’t want it in our home, we don’t want it in yours, either. Period.

We do offer a $1 rack that you’ll see that includes clothes too big for most kids; lots of moms and dads find a thing or two for themselves. It also features items that are out of season. The $1 rack does not include anything with tears or rips.

If you have a question about a product’s safety, feel free to ask. We’ll do our best to answer your question and research it if necessary.

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